Mobile Escape Game


No question of moving your teams, we suggest you install an ephemeral escape game in your premises or on your seminar venue.

Surprise your employees with this new team building by combining fun and teamwork and putting their thinking through to the mill.

The goal is to compose teams of 2 to 6 players, and each has 30 minutes to leave the room.

In order to succeed the mission, it will take your team to show logic and reflection, solving riddles as quickly as possible, beacause time will be limited!

Choose from 3 different missions!

Or ask to create yours!


It was in 1983 that the young Christian EDWARZ began to have plans to destroy humanity.
But how such lethal ideas could have arisen in the mind of a 7-year-old boy?


Christian EDWARZ has managed to release his deadly virus in the wild. Unfortunately, this virus is so powerful that our scientists can’t find the antidote. We know that EDWARZ created this virus during his studies in the 90s, you go back in time to recover the formula of the virus and save the human race.


Recently, a high priestess of Cthulhu, the evil god of an ancient time, has poured out his anger on the world, and thinks to return to trigger a terrible apocalypse.
Your only hope to reverse the curse: the NECRONOMICON.
He is hidden somewhere in these places and protected by powerful hexes he you will have to thwart.

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