One room

Let our GameMasters lock you for 60 minutes inside very immersive sets…

Clues and riddles

Find clues to solve originals and custom created riddles …

One team

Compose your Dream team to try the adventure …

Team cohesion and communication will be your best strengths …

Who can play?

With friends or family

Come enjoy an exceptional moment with your family

or with your friends and create memories

(or disputes)

unforgettable ! 


Come celebrate your birthday! 

Young and old! 

On the basis of an estimate, we can also privatize the area! 

Bachelor and bachelorette party

The Escape Game is an ideal activity for your bachelor or bachelorette party! Customization of the room for free! 


Come consolidate your ranks and strengthen the team spirit of your company by solving our riddles to escape together! 




rooms in France





Our rooms

60 minutes, it's up to you!


Our price list is available in the part "Book Now" as they depend on each X Scape.

Divers questions

Who can play?

Everybody! From 8 to 99 years old, with friends, family or colleagues, the Escape Game does not require any particular physical condition or even any specific knowledge! Only your logic and your reflection will be useful to you.

Why should I come to play?

Because it’s fun! And also, because the Escape Game will strengthen your cohesion and communication within your group. And then, what better than to escape in a realistic setting with his band?

From what age is X Scape accessible?

  • We accept 6 years old children, but we strongly recommend the age of 8 years. For any group of children under 16, an adult must be present in the playroom.

How long is a game?

A game usually lasts 60 minutes. But it will take 1h15 and 1h30 on the spot because we will brief you before the game and you debrief at the end of it.

Do I have to wear special clothes?

You can come as you are! Nevertheless, it is best to avoid stiletto heels as well as varnished shoes.

Is it dangerous?

Very. After all, the future of humanity rests entirely on your shoulders. More seriously, some of our rooms can be scary. Do not hesitate to inform your Game Master if you wish to minimize this effect.


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