Custom creation

An idea ? We will make it and create the escape game of your dreams!

X Scape proposes to create a custom-made escape game according to your desires.

Our team will be happy to bring your ideas to life to create a unique event and experience.

Some examples of our creations …

CCI - Lille Grand Stadium

March 2016

For 200 people, the X Scape team invaded the locker room of the Lille football team to solve an astonishing mystery: The Coupe de la Ligue theft!
In 2 sessions of 60 minutes, 10 teams of 10 players had to solve the riddles that would put them on the trail of the thief!

The Underground City of Naours

Father Dagnicourt found a treasure of 200 gold coins. But it was a century ago! Since then, many have ventured into the underground maze of caves, but no one has ever got their hands on this famous treasure.

Fortunately for you, Manon, a descendant of the Abbot, has found the note book of his grandfather and offers to help you!

The belfry of Amiens

September 2018

Created for the 2018 Heritage Days, a 30-minute Escape Game took place for a single day.

A mysterious curse fell on the Belfry of Amiens. Every two centuries, a fire ravages the building. It’s up to you to investigate because, according to our sources, the flames will spread again very quickly …

University Library of Lille 2

September 2017

For the inauguration of the new UL of the Faculty of Medicine, a 30-minute Escape Game has been created. It was necessary to integrate in the riddles the new system of classification of the work.

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